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How can I set up and track individual performance goals for my team members?

To set individual performance goals, navigate to the user profile section and select 'Manage Goals.' Here, you can create, assign, and track goals for each team member. Click on 'Add Goal' to start the process, specifying the goal details, metrics, and timeline.

What are the steps to conduct a comprehensive performance review using the application?

Is there a way to generate performance reports for specific time frames or departments?

I'm encountering issues while providing feedback within the system. Can you guide me through the process?

Are there options for integrating the performance management data with other HR or productivity tools?

Can I customize performance evaluation forms or criteria based on specific roles or departments?

What kind of analytics or insights does the application offer to assess team performance trends?

I'm having trouble accessing the performance metrics dashboard. How can I troubleshoot this?

How to align team goals with the company's overarching objectives within the application?

Is there a feature to schedule and manage performance improvement plans for employees?